Welcome to the University Police Department

Chief John Brockie

As the Chief of Police for the Ӱ Police Department, I am proud to lead a department that upholds the values of our university: Teaching and Learning, Compassion, Diversity, and Public Good. The Ӱ Police Department serves 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing a safe and secure environment for our campus community. 

Within our website, you will find valuable information about campus safety, crime prevention, and programs and services designed to enhance your safety and well-being. I am particularly excited about our department's future and the diversity and growth it will bring. We are currently participating in the , which aims to increase the representation of women in policing. Additionally, our programs like the RAD Women's Self Defense, Night Safety Escort Program, and Community Service Officer (CSO) program emphasize our commitment to serving our students and Ӱa safer campus environment. 

I encourage you to explore our website and learn more about how the Ӱ Police Department is working to ensure your safety. Campus safety is a shared responsibility and together, we can create a campus environment that is safe, inclusive, and welcoming for all. 

John Brockie, Chief of Police


University Police Department Infographic

Vision Statement

The ӰState University Long Beach Police Department strives to maintain the highest standards of excellence by developing our personnel and utilizing new technologies to cultivate a safe learning and work environment for our Ӱ, Faculty, and Staff.

Ӱ Police Department personnel strive to conduct themselves in a professional, sincere, and exemplary manner to which other law enforcement personnel can aspire to.

Mission Statement

It is the Mission of the ӰState University Long Beach Police Department to safeguard the lives and property of the campus community that we serve. We strive everyday to create a safe and secure environment, Ӱsafety and reducing the threat of crime, to create an atmosphere whereby meaningful education and learning can take place. We strive to provide service to all with understanding and compassion, while conducting ourselves with honor and integrity.